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A birth certificate or birth record documents a person's date of birth. Usually these records are based on the submissions of birth certificates from hospitals. These records are also a source of historical and demographic information. Not only are birth records private in nature, they are also useful in :

If you or someone in you family is adopted, you may already know how difficult it is to learn about your biological parents and adoption. Many of these records are hard to find, especially if the adoption was closed at the time it was filed. That means that you will very often "hit a wall" and have to end your search before you find the answers you need. makes discovering the truth about your adoption and biological parents very easy. All you have to know is the following:

  • Identifying and naming the parents of the individual
  • Obtaining a state-issued driver's license or identification
  • Getting a passport
  • Receiving insurance benefits, or for travels to foreign countries
  • Searching for his/her genealogy
  • Determining the rightful ancestor to someone's estate

Aside from adoption records, birth records can also be an excellent resource for finding one's birth parents. They can also help you trace where your original hometown is and determine if there are still any locals who you may be related to or who were acquainted with any of your relatives. Whether you are piecing together your family history or conducting research on someone else's family for a book or an article, retrieving birth documents is the most obvious start off point.

All birth records have now been transcribed from copies of the originals and made available online. This is great news as it saves you time and the trouble of searching through piles of paper. can help you quickly and discretely obtain all the necessary information you are looking for. Unlike other background search web sites, you will not have to release sensitive or private information.

In order to conduct a search using, all you need to do is enter the first and last name of your intended, along with the state in which they currently reside and the results will be displayed on your computer screen in a few seconds.

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